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The Vazquez Holdings Organization, privately founded in 2016 by The Vazquez Family in the City of Chicago, has been a strategic linchpin of excellence for specialized consulting and asset management services. Our commitment to innovation, integrity, and client-centric solutions has established advantages in competitive landscapes.


Since inception, our framework has, and always will be, to be a powerhouse of expertise. Our dedication to these efforts have provided success for our clients and our organization. Over the years, we continue to thrive, adapt, and evolve, guided by our core values:

  • Expertise: All of our personnel must attend and have graduated our very own "Vazquez Holdings Academy" where team members undergo extensive lateral training, conditioning, professional and personal development. Our team ranges from former operatives in government and political affairs, high level transactors, creative artists, skilled craftsmen, and stakeholders alike.

  • Client-Centric: We treat our clients like family. Understanding the needs of our clients is our system to delivering specialized solutions, driving growth, and mitigating risks. 

  • Innovation: Driven by competition, our team actively evolves to ensure that we are not only at the forefront of industry, but we are influencing it.


Today, The Vazquez Holdings Organization remains a family artifact and continues to be privately held, and is led by our respected Chairman and Creative Director, Angelo Vazquez. His visionary leadership has provided a relentless pursuit of excellence and expansion.


At Vazquez Holdings, our vision is to produce and elevate clients to premier market positioning for strength in an ever-changing, competitive business landscape.

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